Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Re-cap of 2012 by Hannah Grace

Hi! I am Hannah Grace and this is my recap on 2012! Meet My CRAZY family!!!  First, there is my dad he is 35 and has a doctorate in Ministry. (He is ONE of the smart ones in the family and LOVES Alabama Football!!!) Second, there is my mom she is a pre-k teacher and is kind of a Math geek! ;)   Third, there’s me the oldest child and kind of an over-achiever. I am 10 and I am in the 5th grade. Fourth, there is my brother Noah.  He is a CRAZY little munchkin and can talk your ear off! He is 8 and is in 2nd grade and LOVES it!!!! Fifth, there is my sister Lily she is 6 and is in Kindergarten. She is from China and is totally adorable. Last, but especially NOT LEAST my sister Hope. She is the most crazy 2 year old in the whole state!!! She is a little ball of fire and like my brother she can TALK YOUR EAR OFF!!!!!! Well, we are all crazy but I wouldn’t trade my family for another one! So here is what in we did 2012!!!!
January: Sophie’s 4th Birthday. We went to the cabin the weekend after Sophie’s B-day and had an awesome time! We hiked, played in the snow, watched movies, played board games, and did jigsaw puzzles. Later on, Dad got ready to go away for a month in February. So that he could write his dissertation to be able to graduate.

February: Dad leaves and is gone ALLLLLL…………………… month!!!I remember being so sad at school the whole month of February! Mom was practically going CRAZY taking care of all 4 kids by herself! Lily’s Gotcha day was spent at the cabin with Mia and Aaron.   We love the cabin.  

March: Piano auditions!!!!!! Super nervous! I memorized 3 songs, all scales, arpeggios, and broken chords. Noah played baseball and he confirmed it 7 times its baseball NOT T-ball!! Mom got hooked on Pinterest and has been doing funky but creative crafts since then!!! We went to the zoo for spring break with Anna-lee, Jordan and Ada. It was quite interesting. When you put Hope and Ada together there is no telling what might happen!

April: My tenth birthday I got…… my ears pierced, a week at summer camp, lots & lots of earrings, and pictures for my room!
May: I have a Piano Recital, but I am not that nervous because it is my 3rd one! They are trying to take Hope to the recital, but I mean really………. We will see how that experience goes!   School Is Out!!!

June: Mom and Dad went Hong Kong. They stayed for a whole week.  We thought we might move there, but God kept us here. We stayed with Deda, Granny, and Tamara that entire week. We go to the public swimming pool a lot and it is really fun! This year we are going to like 5 V.B. S.’s which is very exciting.

July: We turned our garage into a playroom when we moved to our house in 05. This year we are adding a room into the garage. It will be my mom’s tutoring space. It is like we are on HGTV. We went to the beach and had a blast. My dad had to teach at Campus Outreach Beach Project so we got to stay a whole week in Destin, Florida. We went on a boat ride, went snorkeling, fished, had a barbeque, swam, and built sandcastles.  Lily and Hope had a birthday party.  It was a Hello Kitty and Monkey birthday party. 

August: We went to my paw-paw’s house in Roanoke, Virginia. We spent most of the time there on the lake in his yacht. We had a blast!!!!! We rode around the lake, fished, swam, barbequed, and hung-out!! School started back and I wasn’t happy. Lily and Noah started soccer they loved it!!! They won almost all of their games! Hope began going to school too.   Sometimes, she gets naughty notes sent home.  She is not really fond of nap time.  

September: My mom started working at our school. She started teaching the new Pre-k program there and she really enjoys it. I enjoy it too because I go “help” her a lot.   Noah and Lily like to go to her room every morning.    

October: Happy Halloween! We went trick-or-treating and got lot and lots of candy! We saw this talking head named Marvin  and it was really creepy. Noah turns 8 years old.  

November: Happy Thanksgiving! We went to Mississippi to visit family for thanksgiving and ate lots of good food!!!!!!!
December: My dad graduated with his Doctorate of Ministry on the 7th. Merry Christmas! We all couldn’t sleep Christmas Eve, but it was worth the LONG night. We all got almost everything we asked for plus the big surprise which was a trampoline!!!!!! Well that was the Weathers family 2012!!!!! Happy 2013!

I will close with interviews from Noah and Lily.

“What was your favorite memory from 2012?”

Noah: When we went snorkeling on the boat in Panama City.  It was kinda funny because Hannah Grace got really scared that a shark was going to eat her.  I liked looking at the dolphins.  I saw two baby dolphins.  I loved going to the pool.   One day, when we were swimming, a branch fell in the pool next to Mommy and she screamed. The man had to get it out of the pool.    I also liked doing baseball and soccer.  

Lily: My favorite thing that I did this year was go to DeDa’s house.   I like to spend the night at her house.  I also liked going to the cabin in TN with Mia and Aaron.    I love to play ping pong with Noah.   I love being in kindergarten.  We make crafts.  I like to make lots of them.   Oh, and when we went to the beach. I swam in the deep water.  I like riding on the boat and going snorkeling.   We had a party on the boat.  Oh, and I love my Lalaloopsy doll.   I got it for Christmas.   That’s all.

                                                             Hannah Grace

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