Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kitchen Table Re-Do

It all started with some late night clicking on Pinterest and a nice little cherry wood table. You've been a good table to our family, but we are tired of looking at your dark, dreary color. You must have a make-over!

Look out kitchen are next!

Choosing the right colors was the hardest part. We were trying to compare the colors to the picture we saw online. Below, you will see my inspiration picture. I could not for the life of me find the name of the paint on her website. I think we ended up coming pretty close without having the names of the paint colors.

BUT, It was very difficult. Jami was with me and we sat down on the floor in Lowe's and made us a little pretend "table". We had all the cards laid out on the floor in the shape of a kitchen table! People must have thought we were a little nutso! We were pretending the cards were tables and chairs. Hey...whatever works...right? And it was kinda fun.

Please note: We used BAYSIDE and not Reflection Pool for our blue choice. The light yellow is called EVENING GLOW.
The table was painted in a vintage cream color. It came from walmart. $10bucks for a gallon. It was the same color I used on the shutters a few weeks back. Sorry, I forgot the color name!

Besides the paint...we picked up a nice size jug of glaze. Valspar Mocha Glaze to be exact. It was around $17.00.

First thing we did was SAND down everything!!

Here is Jami with her power tool. Hint Hint.. Mother's Day is right around the corner..I would really like one of these. It's a Dewalt Orbital Sander. I think they will run you about $70 bucks at Lowes. But, honestly, I would pay double for that handy little thing. We sanded the table and 6 chairs in no time. That thing ROCKS.

Hannah Grace got a hold of my phone and took this from inside the porch. She text this picture to her Daddy and said...Look at mommy with that machine. HAHA

So, after we sanding everything, we started painting. We did not prime the table, and we paid dearly for it. It took 4 coats. We primed the chairs and it made life so much easier. I think we did 2 coats. It was a beautiful day, so the furniture ended up drying rather quickly. We were able to start distressing. This is the FUN part!!

The next step was the glaze. This stuff really made all the difference.

Below: the chair on the left is glazed. See the difference? I'm not so sure you can really tell in the picture. But, in Real life, it looks amazing. So old and dirty. Looks like its been sitting in my Granny's attic for ages. lol
The glaze really gives it that vintage feel.

And the final picture is the finished product ....yippee!!

We have really been enjoying our table over the last few days. I really wish the picture would do it justice. Its hard to see how distressed and OLD looking the chairs look! After a week, I spray painted them with a clear coat of protective spray. It was very easy. It's funny how when you start a project, one thing leads to another. A few weeks ago, I did the shutters and it just lightened up the space so much! Now, after the table, our kitchen space is much brighter and happier!! I honestly smile every time I walk in the kitchen. Who knows, I may get sick and tired of the colors in a year or so...but for now....I am loving it!!!

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  1. Aimee I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Now I want to do my table! Dang that Pinterest! Ha!