Friday, September 9, 2011

Lily. Lesson 7

I am so proud of my little Lily. She is doing so, so good learning how to read. Right now, the book is going a little slow, but they are focusing on teaching the "method" more than anything. We are on Lesson 7 and by lesson 100, she will be reading on a 2nd grade level. I am putting this book to the test. After reading the BAZILLION reviews on Amazon (which were almost 100% positive), I am putting it to the test! Will Lily be reading on this level by lesson 100? We shall see! And PS. SHE LOVES READING TIME. She brings me the book and asks me to teach her. I need that kind of encouragement most days. Homeschooling does not come natural to me. LOL


  1. Great job Lily!! We are on lesson 18. We've slowed down a little because Luke gets frustrated some but over all it's going good! :)

  2. Sweet, amazing and precious family!!! Kiss all of them for me!

  3. It wouldn't come natural to me, Aimee. You are doing a great job!!!
    I am enjoying your new blog!