Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School is BACK!

Schooling has been one of top things that Carlton and I have prayed about as a parent. (yes, I know the teenage years will bring about a whole new list of prayer topics). But, as of today, second to descipling and training our children in the word of God, school is at the top of the list.

It's a BIG deal to us. For a lot of reasons.

As previous educators, we both know the impact the classroom teacher has on a child. So, releasing our children to another person for eight hours a day is a BIG deal! We started off this journey home-schooling. And it was a joy. Yes, there were days when I thought HG and I would pull out each other's hair, but overall, it was a wonderful experience. We made a pact (Carlton and I ) to evaluate each child at the end of each year and determine what would be best for them (and our family) for the next school year. Last year, Noah began kindergarten in our local public school. And he thrived. Mid-way of last school year, we decided to enroll Hannah Grace. Lily was having a tough time at home adjusting to the new baby, and she needed me.
All of me. Hannah Grace had a wonderful year. She proved to be a great leader and soared in all of her school work.

This year, both Noah and HG are attending our local public school and we could not be happier with both of their teachers. We are very, very excited!!! We have perfect peace that they are right where they need to be! Here are some pictures of the first week back at school.

Oops! In the madness of the morning, I did not spell build correctly. Shame on me! LOL

Lily is going to be at home with me this year, and I am going to start something NEW with her! I would love to hear your feedback if you are familiar with what I am about to discuss. Most of you know, that I LOVE to teach math. I began tutoring math in college and have been privately tutoring in my home for the last 13 years! I have so many math tricks up my sleeve, I should write a book. LOL But, second to teaching math, I LOVE teach a child how to read. I suppose the 4 years I spent in a first grade classroom sealed the deal, because reading is basically what we did all day! Learning how to read, opens up countless opportunities for a child to learn! Once you learn how to read, it's hard to imagine what it was like before. When Carlton and I went to China, I experienced just that. Everywhere we went, we had no clue what anything said! We couldn't read bathroom signs, restaurant menus, road signs, hotel receipts, NOTHING! We could have signed our life away on some document and never known it! Thankfully, we had interpreters for most of our trip. But, think about a person who cannot read! How vulnerable they must feel. I personally believe that most children can learn how to read by age 4 1/2. They are little sponges and their brains are ready! Once they learn to read, their whole world opens up!

I am a huge advocate of phonics, so with my two oldest children, I used the Sing, Spell, Read, and Write program. AND OH BOY! It is my FAVORITE. They were both reading before kindergarten. I have used it with many children that I tutor who were struggling readers and have seen huge success! To me, it's just a no-fail program.


neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Change.

And I have found a book (method) that has such rave reviews, I just cannot HELP MYSELF, I need to try this! I know that someone out there has used's as old as can be. would be great!

So....our goal for Lily, is to have her reading by the end of December. Is that 100 days?? LOL She is ready. She knows all of her letters and sounds and is already blending three letter words. She just needs me to take some time with her. Can we say books for Christmas??? to organize my pantry. With all this couponing, things are getting out of hand in there! LOL


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so excited about actually having something to contribute to your blog!!! I have used this book with all my kids and with each of them they have needed less of it. I think with Carly we had to quit around lesson 60 because she was ready to move on, but she was 5 when she started- she went on to nearly finish R&S 1st grade.I can say it is tried and true and really works. It is VERY different from Sing...though so get ready. It is slow and deliberate. Oh yeah and if you don't like it you're only out $20! I am sure it will work well for miss Lily!

  2. This is what I'm using with Luke!! We're on Lesson 9! It is slow and repetitive but Luke is catching on! We use a white board and I write the letters/sounds on it instead of using the book. Luke knows all of his letters but has a hard time with some sounds. One thing we do is use a curved pvc pipe from Lowe's and he uses it like a phone as he says the sounds. This was new to me but I've heard it's a good technique for phonics.
    I looked at Sing, Spell.. but we couldn't swing the price! It looks a lot more fun but hey, if this gets the job done for $20, I'm for it! ;)

  3. I learned on Phonics growing up in Michigan & did great at it! I even won spelling bee's. ~ boy how things have changed! HA!
    I remember you being a teacher when we both used Granny Boo! Do you ever talk to Debbie anymore? Do they still live in Indian Oaks?

  4. Yes I do talk to Debbie on occasion. As far as I know, they live in Indian Oaks. You should call her sometime Nancy!!! Hope you are doing well. Miss you!