Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally some answers!!!

There is no possible way that we can afford Lily's medication. But, really, who can afford $2500/month for medicine? If you can, good for you. But, not us. It's not even an amount we can adjust our budget to fit. It's just impossible.

I was in total despair when I learned about the cost. I remember I cried as I told Carlton, "its just not right....we adopted her...we chose her....and now we can't even afford her medicine." He quickly reminded me of the alternative of her still sitting in that awful, lifeless orphanage....without any hope of ever receiving any medical help. It's true. How stupid of me.

And so we started praying! And not very long after, He heard our prayers.

After several denials, the insurance approved her medicine. Her co-pay is now $150/month. It's still a lot of money for us each month, but we know God is faithful and will supply our every need. What He has called us to, He is faithful to see us through!

The meds are shipped to our front door packed down in ice. I was quite frightened to open the box when it arrived. I felt like there was some kind of nucleur bomb in there just waiting to explode!! They also ship all the supplies to give her the shots each night. She takes the shots 6 days per week.

And my Lily is the bravest girl around. She shed one tear the first night of her shots while we were being guided by a nurse over the phone. This mama(who happens to be extremely phobic of needles and blood), took a deep breath and administered the shot. I am now Nurse Aimee, thank you very much. I am quite good at it. Every night after that, she just smiles and says, "this shot will make me grow!!!" She always reminds us to give her the shot each night. How can this Lily girl be so brave? My little one has been through so, so much.

And can we hear a shout out for Lily growing 1cm. in 10 days??? Yay for Lily!!!

In other news, guess who is turning ONE tomorrow?? Here is a sneak peek of one of the pictures that I took........

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  1. 1 cm in 10 days!!! Yay Lily!!!! And Yay God for providing the means for you to provide her with the medical care she needs.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little gift from God! I can't believe she is 1 already!



  2. Jehovah Jireh! :)

    Happy Birthday Hope! Such a sweet face!

  3. I can't believe you're already seeing the results!! How wonderful. And I'm so proud of you for learning to do the shots!! We just got an EpiPen today and I'm hoping I never have to learn how to do that one....
    Happy Birthday sweet Hope!

  4. Lily is TRUELY BEAUTIFUL!! Look at that face!!!